Agence France Press Gushes Over ‘Down-to-Earth’ FLOTUS Jill Biden–Not Like ‘Flashy’ but ‘Distant’ Melania Trump

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Former president and first lady Donald and Melania Trump left the White House almost three weeks ago, but they are still getting negative coverage from the media, including AFP, who touted first lady Jill Biden’s recent meeting with military spouses, calling her “down to earth” in contrast with the “flashy but often distant figure” of FLOTUS Melania Trump.

AFP’s report is flattering to Biden and dismissive of Trump, and it included an error, claiming that first lady Biden lost her son Beau to cancer when in fact it was her stepson, the son of the president’s first wife who died in a car accident:

The backdrop of flowers, teapot and U.S. flag said it all: Jill Biden will be no Melania Trump as America’s new first lady. Where Donald Trump’s ex-model wife cut a flashy but often distant figure, Jill Biden’s appearance on a Zoom “virtual tea” party last Wednesday with military spouses affirmed her image as a down-to-earth, traditional FLOTUS.

As different to Melania Trump as her husband President Joe Biden is to Donald Trump, she drew on her own military roots and middle class American upbringing to connect with others on the video call.

[Melania Trump] rarely spoke at length in public and even less so in unscripted situations, unlike Jill Biden, an accomplished public speaker.Instead, Melania Trump’s extravagant clothing often got the real attention.

AFP, a France-based news outlet with an office in Washington, DC, criticized Melania Trump for favoring “foreign designers,” including “the all black Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and Christian Louboutin ensemble worn on departing the White House for the last time in January.” AFP reported:

Jill Biden, who is keeping her day job as English teacher at Northern Virginia Community College, appeared Wednesday on Zoom in a sensible-looking dark suit jacket. She did wear designer clothes at her husband’s Jan. 20 inauguration, but rather than fancy European brands she picked the New York-based label Markarian.

”I learned my love of this country from my dad,” Jill Biden, 69, said of accompanying her veteran father to a war memorial in the AFP report.

The news outlet called out Melania Trump for wearing a jacket in 2018 that had the wording on the back, “I really don’t care do u?” 

“Jill Biden appears to be signaling: yes, she does,” AFP reported.

The news outlet also slammed Melania Trump for her “somewhat ill-defined” “Be Best” campaign aimed at helping children.

Biden, on the other hand, will be focusing on three “deeply personal” issues: supporting U.S. military families, cancer, and education.

AFP’s “reporting” failed to detail Melania Trump’s accomplishments, according to the White House Historical Association:

As first lady, she continues to serve as an ardent advocate for children and devotes her time and efforts to helping young people navigate the many issues they face in an ever changing society. In 2018, she announced BE BEST, an awareness campaign that strives to promote a world for children based on healthy living, kindness, and respect. The initiative consists of three pillars representing key areas of concern for Mrs. Trump: well-being, including the social and emotional health of children; social media, focusing on understanding its positive as well as negative effects on children; and opioid abuse, striving to protect the most vulnerable from the effects of drug abuse while educating people of all ages about the detrimental effects of opioids.

Since its launch, BE BEST has affected local communities across the country and world, spreading its message of kindness and shining a spotlight on successful programs and services that help children and families with the support and tools they need to thrive. Mrs. Trump continues to evolve and expand her campaign based on research and information learned from her many visits to schools, hospitals, organizations, and companies, and from speaking to children directly about their ideas and concerns.

One of her most memorable visits was at the Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital in Vatican City, where she met a boy who had been waiting for a new heart. Upon arriving in Belgium the following day, Mrs. Trump learned that the hospital had found a transplant for the boy. She celebrated this discovery in a press statement and said, “My own heart is filled with joy over the news.”

“The first lady also works closely with the White House Historical Association in carrying out many of the timeless traditions that are an integral part of White House history,” the association said.

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