Dylan Gwinn

Dylan Gwinn

WATCH: OJ Simpson Drops Antonio Brown from Fantasy Team

Antonio Brown has been cut or traded by three different NFL teams in the last year. However, there’s yet another team that has parted ways with the embattled receiver: O.J. Simpson’s fantasy football team.

Antonio Brown

XFL Has No Interest in Antonio Brown

On Friday, the New England Patriots decided they wanted nothing more to do with embattled wide receiver Antonio Brown. On Sunday, we learn that the XFL doesn’t want anything to do with him either.

Antonio Brown

Colin Kaepernick Protest Pendant Offered at Auction for $90,000

Colin Kaepernick, together with Nike, turned his protest movement into a multi-million dollar ad campaign. However, it looks like Kaepernick and Nike aren’t the only ones looking to make money off of the former 49ers quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick

WATCH: Titans Pyrotechnic Machine Bursts into Flames

Everything went right for the Titans last week, as they opened the season by dismantling the highly-touted Cleveland Browns. This week, however, things got off to a very rough and very explosive start.

Tennessee Titans