Ildefonso Ortiz

Ildefonso Ortiz

Mexico Begins Reopening amid 11 Percent Coronavirus Death Rate

On Monday morning, certain states in Mexico will be given permission to return to a “new normal” as they restart from lockdown. The push to reopen comes as the country climbs to seventh place globally for Coronavirus fatalities.

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Mexican Border State Cops Raid Armored Truck Shop near Texas Border

A series of raids by Tamaulipas state police officers targeting the operations of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel led authorities to a clandestine garage used to make armored vehicles. In addition to the vehicles, authorities also seized almost 80 weapons that were being used by cartel operators in Tamaulipas as they continue a series of fierce turf wars despite the current coronavirus epidemic.

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Mexican Border State Extends Coronavirus Emergency Measures into July

Health officials from the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas extended coronavirus emergency measures through July 15 as the region continues to see a spike in cases. The move comes in direct opposition to messages pushed by Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who is already calling for resuming normal activities — even as cases continue to spike.

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Mexico Breaks Daily Coronavirus Death Record

Despite assurances of having the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic under control, Mexico again broke records for deaths and new cases registered in a day.

Juan Pablo Rosa Victorin, 34, wears a protective face mask as he lights candles on behalf of his wife, who is hospitalized for reasons unrelated to COVID-19, at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where the principal part of the church is closed to the public to prevent the …

FOTOS EXCLUSIVAS: Guardia Nacional Mexicana Presuntamente Escolta Drogas Para Carteles

Las autoridades mexicanas presuntamente han estado escoltando cargamentos de drogas desde zonas de desembarco clandestinas en playas rurales hasta bodegas y zonas de envío en el estado de Michoacán. Las escoltas presuntamente están siendo realizadas por la Guardia Nacional y la Marina de México para evitar que cárteles rivales roben los cargamentos de cocaína que llegan en lanchas rápidas desde Centro y Sudamérica.

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Mexico Marks 7300 Coronavirus Deaths

Despite assurances by officials, Mexico continues to see a steady increase in deaths from the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Health leaders are also seeing a daily escalation in confirmed cases.

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Mexico Only Counts Symptomatic Coronavirus Cases, Says State Health Official

A state health official in Mexico claims federal health officials are ignoring confirmed coronavirus cases that are asymptomatic and only counts cases where patients need medical attention. The claim is the latest accusation that Mexico’s government is hiding the true reach of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in that nation.

Protective masks, normally used for surgery, are now in use to fight the Corona Virus SARS-nCov-19.

Mexico Ranks 10th in Coronavirus Fatalities

The climb in Coronavirus-related deaths in Mexico elevates the nation to the number 10 spot globally. Despite widespread allegations of under-counting cases and mislabeling causes of death, the country managed to bump Canada and the Netherlands in a matter of days.

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Mexico Marks Deadliest Day During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mexican health officials revealed the highest daily spike in fatalities related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The new record comes as authorities are broadly accused of doctoring statistics to downplay the true scope of the pandemic.

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20 Percent of Mexican Coronavirus Patients Are Medical Professionals

Mexican officials revealed that more than 11,300 health care staffers across the nation contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) since the pandemic arrived. The country has more than 54,000 cases, suggesting a discrepancy in official totals or that 1 in 5 are health care professionals.

A nurse checks a patient inside an isolated room set for posible Coronavirus cases in Tijuana's General Hospital, in Tijuana, Mexico, on March 2, 2020. - Mexico confirmed its fourth case of the new coronavirus on Saturday, February 29, 2020, after a young woman tested positive for infection. (Photo by …

Mexico’s Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 5100

Over the weekend, Mexico saw a dramatic spike in deaths tied to Coronavirus (COVID-19). With more than 5,100 deaths, Mexico is now ranked 12th in the world for fatalities, even though federal statistic show roughly 49,000 cases.

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EXCLUSIVA: Policías Estatales Fronterizos Ligados a Extorsiones de Narcomenudistas

MONTERREY, Nuevo León – Un grupo de policías estatales ha estado extorsionando a narcomenudistas solo para vender las drogas incautadas. Los policías, que habían estado recibiendo protección de los más altos funcionarios de seguridad en Nuevo León, tienen una relación laboral con una facción de Los Zetas.

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