Ildefonso Ortiz

Ildefonso Ortiz

5th Mexican Journalist Dies in 2020

Unidentified gunmen killed a Mexican journalist in Guerrero. He previously received death threats and even survived an attempt on his life. The journalist’s bodyguard also died.

Crime scene blurred law enforcement and forensic background

Mexico Captures Violent Fuel-Theft Cartel-Terrorist

Mexican authorities arrested the top leader of a hyperviolent fuel-theft cartel that been waging a fierce turf war for control of key areas in Central Mexico. The organization known as Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL) is linked not only to gruesome mass killings but also to the use of improvised explosive devices and car bombs.

El Marro Arrest

Mexico Ranks Third for Coronavirus Deaths

Mexico climbed to number three in the world in the number of people who died from COVID-19. This as Mexican health officials claim to be making progress in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. While Mexico had more than time than other nations to prepare for the virus, health officials claim that the high number of fatalities is simply because people are fat and eat junk food.

A worker digs a grave in a section of the Municipal Cemetery of Valle de Chalco opened two months ago to accommodate the surge in deaths amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, on the outskirts of Mexico City, Thursday, July 2, 2020. (AP File Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Mexican Border State Cops, Soldiers Rescue Dozens After Hurricane Hanna

Mexican state police and military forces performed rescues in the border city of Reynosa over the weekend as emergency crews evacuated residents affected by Hurricane Hanna. Locals in some neighborhoods were also faced with the dangers of the Rio Grande overflowing.

Reynosa Rescue 1

Viral Video Claiming Hurricane Blew Down Border Wall Was Fake News

News outlets, pundits, politicians, and other social media blue checkmarks pushed a viral video with claims that Hurricane Hanna had knocked down part of a border wall in Texas. The claim was debunked by U.S. authorities and the Mexican public official who first published the video has deleted it from her account.

Workers in El Paso Texas, in the US, replace a section of the Mexico-US border fence next to the international border bridge 'Paso del Norte' as seen from Ciudad Juarez, in Chihuahua state, Mexico, on September 26, 2018. (Photo by HERIKA MARTINEZ / AFP) (Photo credit should read HERIKA MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty …

EXCLUSIVA: Facción del Cartel Del Golfo Roba Tras Quedarse Sin Efectivo

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – La malos manejos y los gastos de una larga guerra territorial han llevado a una facción del Cartel del Golfo a tener problemas económicos. La falta de fondos ha llevado al cartel de drogas a soltar a sus sicarios contra la población, lo que provocó un reciente aumento de robos a mano armada y robos de automóviles en la ciudad fronteriza de Reynosa.

Reynosa Shooting

Texas Border County Re-Issues Coronavirus Lockdown Orders

A Texas border county judge re-issued shelter-at-home, curfews, travel restrictions, and mask orders. This marks the second round of such rules since the start of the pandemic as local health officials claim emergency rooms are at or near capacity.

Hidalgo Sheriff

Cartel Video of Armored Paramilitary Unit Puts Mexican Government in PR Damage-Control Mode

Mexico’s top security official is trying to downplay a cartel-produced video purportedly showing an armored paramilitary unit. The unit includes a large contingent of cartel gunmen wearing high-end tactical gear and posing by what appears to be dozens of factory-made armored trucks and SUVs. The release of the video comes just one day after Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador visited the region.

Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion leakes video showing what appears to be a paramilitary armored unit. (Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles)

EXCLUSIVA: Mando de Cartel Independiente Exhibido por Breitbart es Arrestado en Estado Fronterizo

Las autoridades estatales en Nuevo León arrestaron al actual líder de un violento cartel de drogas independiente que ha sido relacionado con un fuerte aumento en los asesinatos como parte de una feroz guerra territorial contra otros carteles como Los Zetas. El arresto se produce solo semanas después de que Breitbart revelara la existencia del cartel independiente conocido como Los Billys y las identidades de sus líderes.

Los Billy's 1

Mexico Now Ranks 4th for Most Coronavirus Deaths

Mexico surpassed Italy to rank fourth for most Coronavirus fatalities globally. The rising number of deaths and cases come as national leaders claim the pandemic is under control.

A nurse checks a patient inside an isolated room set for posible Coronavirus cases in Tijuana's General Hospital, in Tijuana, Mexico, on March 2, 2020. - Mexico confirmed its fourth case of the new coronavirus on Saturday, February 29, 2020, after a young woman tested positive for infection. (Photo by …

Two Police Officers Ambushed, Murdered in Texas Border City

Two police officers died after a local man shot them several times as they responded to a domestic disturbance call. The gunman caught the officers by surprise and then turned the gun on himself as other officers responded to the shooting.

McAllen Police Crime Scene Investigations seals off scene where to police officers were killed in the line of duty. (Delcia Lopez/The Monitor via AP)

EXCLUSIVA: Policías Estatales Arrestan a Mando Criminal Que Planeaba Ola de Narco-Terror en Tamaulipas

Un narco-líder del estado fronterizo de Chihuahua fue arrestado como el autor intelectual de la quema de varios camiones repartidores como parte de un plan de extorsión en el estado fronterizo de Tamaulipas. El mando criminal se estaba preparando para llevar a cabo una serie de asesinatos de gente inocente en un intento de ejercer su poder mientras buscaba establecer el dominio contra otras organizaciones criminales en la región.

Bimbo Truck burned

Exclusiva: Policías Municipales en Nuevo León Vinculados a Narco-Secuestros

Dos policías municipales en el estado fronterizo de Nuevo León han sido vinculados a un arresto que se convirtió en secuestro por ordenes de un despiadado narcotraficante. La víctima que fue arrestada por un cargo menor murió poco después a manos de un grupo de sicarios quienes lo torturaron y lo balearon.

San Pedro Police

Former Mexican Border State Governor Arrested in Florida

The U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested a former Mexican border state governor in Florida. The former governor fled to the U.S. in an apparent attempt to avoid capture by Mexican authorities. The politician is wanted in his state on charges of embezzlement and organized crime.

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Mexico Now Ranks 6th in Coronavirus Deaths

Mexico now ranks tenth globally for Coronavirus cases and sixth for fatalities. The case number could in fact be much higher since health officials admitted to limited testing compared to other nations.

Mexico Coronavirus

Mexican Border State Labor Organizer Faces Riot, Coercion Charges

A Mexican attorney and labor movement leader was released on bond amid charges of allegedly intimidating a mediation court to secure a favorable outcome. The June arrest drew the attention of several U.S. congressmen who sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, asking for her release.


GRAPHIC: Dozens Killed in Mexican Drug Rehab Center by Cartel Gunmen

Cartel gunmen allegedly stormed a drug rehab center. They supposedly lined up victims and shot them, killing 24 and injuring seven more. The attack came almost at the same time as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke publicly about his government’s success in slowing violent crime.

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