James Delingpole

James Delingpole

Delingpole: One Law for Black Lives Matter, Another for the Rest

Here is a message which should send a shudder down the spine of anyone who believes in the concept of equality before the law: a British police department openly admitting that it intends to give special, favourable treatment to Black Lives Matter.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 21: Protestors take part in a march towards Parliament Square on June 21, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. Black Lives Matter protests are continuing across the UK following the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis on May …

Delingpole: Ordinary People Fear and Loathe Black Lives Matter

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has gone viral. A clip from an interview he gave to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRadio has had more than 6 million views in just three days. What can Raab possibly have said that was so interesting?

Black Lives Matter