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Delingpole: From Belgium and Germany to Finland, the Coronafascism Backlash Grows

A Brussels court has ordered the Belgian government to lift “all coronavirus measures” within 30 days after finding they were instituted on an insufficient legal basis. The court order is part of a growing legal backlash across Europe to the draconian emergency restrictions introduced by governments to counter the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.


WATCH: Delingpole with the Marchers at the London Freedom Rally

Many thousands of people rallied for freedom in cities across the world on Saturday in protest against their governments’ draconian lockdown policies. But you wouldn’t know this if you get your news from the mainstream media where the coverage has been pitiful: either non-existent or, in the case of discredited sources like the BBC and Sky News, wilfully dishonest in their blatant underestimation (“hundreds”) of the numbers involved.

Lockdown Protest, London March 20, 2021. Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart News

Delingpole: Police Force Goes Woke, Bristol City Centre Gets Broke

Avon and Somerset Police have just discovered the meaning of the phrase ‘Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind’, after Sunday’s incident in which a violent leftist mob attacked a police station in Bristol, smashing windows, torching police cars, spraying graffiti, and injuring at least 20 police officers.


Delingpole: Piers Morgan Is No Helpless Cancel Culture Victim

Lots of people are claiming to feel sorry for Piers Morgan, the professional loudmouth supposedly driven from his breakfast TV show for having incurred the wrath of Meghan Markle and her woke mob. But I’m not one of them, not least because of a strange incident involving a recent BBC News interview with Andrew Neil.