John Carney

John Carney

Black Friday Brawling Goes Digital

Instead of shoving each other on the sales floors of stores, customers rush onto online stores, causing sites to slow or shut down.

Black Friday banner in a mobile phone that is in the hand of woman at home.

Lost History: Meet the ‘Mother of Thanksgiving,’ Hannah Mather Crocker

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday: invented in New England, proclaimed by George Washington, stamped into our national calendar by Abraham Lincoln, and celebrated with turkey, stuffing, dressing, love, laughter, and thankfulness with a similar distinctiveness all over this vast country of ornery and often deeply divided people.

PLYMOUTH, MA - NOVEMBER 20: Members of a colonial fife and drums corps march in the annual Thanksgiving Parade November 20, 2004 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The parade, part of a weekend of holiday festivities called "America's Hometown Celebration," commemorates the Plymouth Colony's first Thanksgiving feast of 1621. (Photo by Michael …