John Hayward

John Hayward

Bangladesh Offers Repatriation to Rohingya Muslims, None Accept

The government of Bangladesh on Thursday cleared 3,450 Rohingya Muslim refugees to return to their homes in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, but not a single one of the 295 families approached by Bangladeshi and United Nations officials was willing to go. The Bangladeshis were left with a line of empty trucks and buses pointed at the Myanmar border.

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Japan Protests as South Korea Cancels Intelligence-Sharing Agreement

After a modestly hopeful week with a few encouraging signs of diplomatic engagement, the rift between South Korea and Japan took another turn for the worse on Thursday with South Korea’s announcement that it will cancel an intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan.

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U.S. Treasury Cracks Down on Chinese Fentanyl Traffickers

The U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday announced a crackdown on the “Chinese drug kingpins fueling America’s deadly opioid crisis.” The individuals and organizations designated for Treasury action deal in powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil, which are often mixed into other street drugs without the knowledge of customers, resulting in countless deaths by overdose.

The US opioid epidemic is accelerating, with hospital emergency room visits for overdoses from drugs like heroin, fentanyl and prescription painkillers up 30 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thousands Protest Gangster Beatings of Demonstrators in Hong Kong

Thousands of Hong Kong residents held a sit-in on Wednesday at the MTR railroad station in Yuen Long, where protesters were savagely attacked on July 21 by thugs linked to organized crime gangs. The demonstrators used the one-month anniversary of the attack to complain about the lack of an independent investigation of the Yuen Long incident and instances of excessive force used by the police against protesters.

Protestors spray fire extinguishers during a protest at the Yuen Long MTR station on August 21, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Pro-democracy protesters have continued rallies on the streets of Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill since 9 June as the city plunged into crisis after waves of demonstrations …

Iran Sends Another Oil Tanker to Syria in Defiance of Sanctions

Western intelligence sources told Fox News on Tuesday that Iran has dispatched another oil tanker to Syria in defiance of U.S. sanctions. Meanwhile, the first sanctions-busting ship was leased to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in another apparent gesture of defiance to the United States.

A picture taken on March 12, 2017, shows an Iranian tanker and a South Korean (R) tanker docking at the platform of the oil facility in the Khark Island, on the shore of the Gulf. / AFP PHOTO / ATTA KENARE (Photo credit should read ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)

Hong Kong Exec Carrie Lam Promises ‘Platform for Dialogue’ with Protesters

Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing chief executive Carrie Lam spun this weekend’s titanic peaceful protest as a victory for her administration on Monday, claiming the lack of violence was a sign the city is “returning to peace” and vaguely offering a “platform for dialogue with people from all walks of life” to find “a way out” of the crisis.

Hong Kong leader hopes peaceful rally presages 'return to calm'

U.S. Warns Greece Against Allowing Iranian Oil Tanker to Dock

The U.S. State Department on Monday warned Greece not to allow the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1 to dock because the ship is carrying “illicit oil to fuel the Iranian regime’s and Syrian regime’s campaigns of terror and oppression.” Greek officials insisted they have not received a request from the tanker for docking, even though its destination appears to be the Greek port of Kalamata.

An Iranian flag flutters on board the Adrian Darya oil tanker, formerly known as Grace 1, off the coast of Gibraltar on August 18, 2019. - Gibraltar rejected a US demand to seize the Iranian oil tanker at the centre of a diplomatic dispute as it prepared to leave the …

British Consulate Official Detained by China on Hong Kong Border

The British Foreign Office on Tuesday said it was “extremely concerned” by reports that trade and investment officer Simon Cheng Man-kit of the Hong Kong office has been detained by Communist China while traveling to the mainland for a business event. Cheng was listed as a “missing person” for over a week before there was any official confirmation he was in custody. The Chinese government has not explained why he was arrested.

Simon Cheng Man-kit

Putin’s Chernobyl: Russian Nuke Monitors Went Dark After Mysterious Missile Explosion

According to international watchdog CTBTO, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, two of Russia’s nuclear monitoring stations went dark two days after a mysterious missile test explosion on August 8 that was originally portrayed as a non-nuclear incident. Adding to the uneasy parallels with the infamous Chernobyl incident, doctors at a Russian hospital complained on Sunday they were not informed that casualties from the explosion had been exposed to radiation.

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1.7 Million March for Democracy in Hong Kong as China Increases Pressure Against Supporters

The Hong Kong protest movement filled the streets on Sunday with an estimated 1.7 million people, almost a quarter of the city’s population, eleven weeks after protest marches began. The rally was a remarkable demonstration of defiance against Communist China, which has been sending ominous signals that a crackdown is imminent and ratcheting up pressure against supporters of the movement, including foreign companies that do business in Hong Kong.

Protesters march against a controversial extradition bill in the Causeway Bay area on August 18, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Pro-democracy protesters have continued rallies on the streets of Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill since 9 June as the city plunged into crisis after waves of demonstrations and …

China Calls Trump a ‘Bully’ for Supporting Xi Jinping in Hong Kong

China’s state-controlled Global Times on Friday lashed out at U.S. President Donald Trump, accusing him of feigning support for Chinese President Xi Jinping in a ruse to squeeze trade concessions out of China. The Communist paper interpreted Trump’s good wishes as a “bullying” tactic and a tacit admission the U.S. is manipulating the Hong Kong protests to further its own ends.

China's President Xi Jinping waits for a meeting with US President Donald Trump (not pictured) on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Osaka on June 29, 2019. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Pro-Democracy Movement Slowly Spreads from Hong Kong to Macau

China’s nightmare scenario is that Hong Kong’s huge protest movement could spread to other cities – especially Macau, which is only an hour away and also has semi-autonomous “Special Administrative Region” status.

Police fire tear gas during a protest in the district of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong on August 4, 2019. - Riot police fired tear gas on August 4 at protesters on Hong Kong's main island, the second consecutive night of unrest in a territory battered by weeks of anti-government …

China, Korea Outraged over Japan PM Offering to Controversial ‘War Shrine’

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has not visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine since 2013, but he paid for a ritual offering on Thursday, which was enough to ruffle feathers across Asia. The shrine is seen in Japan as a memorial to peace, and by many other Asian nations as a nostalgic celebration of Japan’s militaristic era.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (R) arrives at the prime minister's office in Tokyo on July 31, 2019, after reports North Korea fired two ballistic missiles earlier in the morning. - Pyongyang fired two ballistic missiles on July 31, Seoul said, days after a similar launch that the nuclear-armed North …

Yemen: Massive Rally in Southern Aden Supports Takeover by Secessionists

A massive rally in the Yemeni city of Aden on Thursday expressed support for the separatists who took over the vital southern port city, the seat of Yemen’s internationally-recognized government ever since it was driven from the capital city of Sanaa by Iran-backed Houthi insurgents in 2014.

Yemeni Southern separatists supporters wave flags of the former South Yemen (The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen) as they demonstrate in the Khormaksar district of Yemen's second city of Aden on August 15, 2019. - Yemen's government on August 14 ruled out talks with southern separatists until they withdraw from …

China, Russia Look to Each Other for Support as Protest Movements Rock Their Economies

Similarities between the protest movements in Hong Kong and Moscow have not gone unnoticed by the authoritarian rulers of China and Russia. Russia’s state-run Tass news service on Wednesday quoted the new Chinese ambassador calling for the two countries to “cultivate our relations at a higher level” and “open a new page” in their friendship.

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Huawei Founder Wants ‘Invincible Iron Army’ to Fight American Sanctions

Chinese billionaire Ren Zhengfei, founder of telecommunications titan Huawei, wrote an internal memo this week laying out plans to overhaul the company over the next three to five years and create an “invincible iron army” to fight against regulatory pressure and competition from the United States.


China Bullies Starbucks over Hong Kong Barista’s Pro-Democracy Coffee Cup

Fresh from a successful campaign to force several foreign fashion designers to pull shirts off the market, Chinese Internet users trained their sights on Starbucks this week, demanding the American coffee company fire a Hong Kong barista accused of writing pro-democracy messages on cups.

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Convoy of Armored Chinese Police Vehicles Masses near Hong Kong

Residents of Hong Kong have been nervously watching Chinese military and police movements near their borders, fearing each new report of personnel or vehicles arriving near the border city of Shenzhen could be the prelude to a Tiananmen Square-style crackdown.

A pro-Beijing protester holds a Chinese flag in support of Tiananmen crackdown during a march in Hong Kong on May 26, 2019, to commemorate the June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square crackdown in Beijing. (Photo by Philip FONG / AFP) (Photo credit should read PHILIP FONG/AFP/Getty Images)