John Nolte

John Nolte


Nolte: Fake Political Media Eager Partners in Joe Biden’s Fake Press Conference

Joe Biden is the frontrunner to be the next president of the United States and has gotten away with not holding a press conference for nearly three months. Finally, on Tuesday, and with no pressure whatsoever from the establishment media, Biden held a fake news conference, and his pals in the media played right along.


Nolte: UW-Madison Students Demand Removal of Lincoln Statue

A case also needs to be made to these fascist snowflakes and cry-bullies that their feelings are their problem. It’s not up to the rest of us to constantly accommodate their precious feelings. They need to grow a thicker skin and leave the rest of us alone.

Abraham Lincoln statue, Wisconsin

Nolte: Left’s Demand for Racism Far Exceeds the Supply

When Sharpton, Geist, and Wallace are so desperate to exploit an act of racism that they are willing to look that ridiculous inventing one, what we have here is a demand for racism that far exceeds the supply.

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Nolte: Violent Crime Explodes in Democrat-Run Cities

The movement to defund, abolish, and weaken law enforcement embraced by Democrats and their media enablers is recipe for disaster, most especially in predominantly black neighborhoods.  

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 03: Police gather at the scene where two New York City police officers were shot in a confrontation late Wednesday evening in Brooklyn on June 03, 2020 in New York City. The officers were hit by gunfire in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn just …