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White House: Border Wall Grows 10 Miles Per Week

President Donald Trump’s border wall is lengthening by 10 miles per week and is helping agents find more smuggled drugs at the legal entry ports, according to a White House statement.

Construction of New Southern Border Wall

Journalist Society Funds Transgender Activists

The Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) is funding an activist group that urges reporters to mute and cancel feminists and other people who criticize transgender claims.

Christen Greczowski, a transgender person, holds up a flag signed by transgender people who have left the Democratic Party, during the "Straight Pride" parade in Boston, on August 31, 2019. - "Straight Pride" advocates who support President Donald Trump and counter-demonstrators who consider them homophobic extremists staged dueling rallies in …

Chad Wolf Reinstalled as Acting DHS Chief

The administration has quietly reinstalled Chad Wolf as acting secretary of the homeland defense agency, following a judge’s declaration on September 11 that he was not properly installed.

Chad Wolf

DHS Blocks Inflow of More Chinese Slave-Labor Goods

The Trump administration announced September 14 that it will block imports from five more Chinese companies and centers that use political prisoners from China’s Uyghur province.

Chinese workers stand on a pier before a cargo ship at a port in Qingdao, east China's Shandong province on April 13, 2017. Chinese exports surged 16.4 percent year-on-year to 180.6 billion USD in March, official data showed on April 13, in a sign of stabilisation for the world's second …

Donald Trump’s Judges Fill Immigration Courts

Judges appointed by President Donald Trump’s deputies are filling up the immigration courts, and have reversed the Obama-era tilt towards pro-migrant decisions. 

Court of Justice, Law and Rule Concept, Judge's Gavel on The Table.