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Mexico-Based U.S. Citizen Admits Smuggling 450,000 Fentanyl Pills

A U.S. citizen who resided in the Mexican border city of Tijuana admitted to smuggling more than 450,000 fentanyl pills from that country into the United States. The drug smuggler made the confession during a guilty plea before a federal judge in a U.S. District Court. The alleged criminal activity occurred during a nine-month conspiracy from February to October 2018.

Fentanyl pills seized in Phoenix. (File Photo: Drug Enforcement Administration)

Three Members of Mexico’s New National Guard Arrested for Kidnapping

Police arrested three members of Mexico’s newly formed militarized National Guard police force for the alleged kidnapping of a 14-year-old teen in the state of Guerrero. Authorities took the three National Guard members into custody along with an adult civilian male. The arrests came during a joint operation by investigative anti-kidnapping personnel from the state prosecutor’s office of the states of Mexico and Guerrero.

Mexican National Guards (GN) stand on the bank of the Suchiate River during a press tour organized by the GN near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Wednesday, July 3, 2019. A National Guard commander explained to the agents that they were there to support immigration enforcement, but not to interfere in the …

Cartel Gunmen Kidnap Four Mexican Border State Cops

Cartel gunmen kidnapped four municipal police officers in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua late Sunday night in a rural area south of the municipality of San Francisco de Conchos. The four municipal police officers responded to a disturbance at “La Presa El Tigre” — the Tigre Dam — when the group of unknown cartel gunmen carried out the kidnapping.

Mexican federal police arrive at crime scene. (File Photo: Jesus Alcazar/AFP/Getty Images)

Mexican Police Arrest 7 Cartel Hit-Men Who Murdered 22 near Texas Border

Authorities in the border city of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, arrested seven alleged cartel hitmen for “La Línea.” The hitmen are suspected in at least 22 cartel assassinations and three kidnappings in which the victims survived. State authorities in Chihuahua announced the

Juarez Police

Cartel Ambush in Northwest Mexico Leaves 2 Police Dead, 4 Wounded

Cartel gunmen in the northwestern state of Durango carried out an ambush on two state patrol vehicles in Mezquital early Thursday morning. The attack left two officers dead and four wounded approximately 50 miles from the state capital.


Video: Narco-Music Singer Shot in Mexican Border State

Cartel violence in the border state of Sonora continued Saturday afternoon and early Sunday as gunmen carried out a series of attacks which left five people dead, including two gunmen. The local uptick in violence has resulted in the deployment of 1,800 national guard personnel.


10 Cops Killed in Popular Mexican Tourist Port Since October

Cartel gunmen shot and killed an off-duty municipal police officer from the popular tourist port of Guaymas, Sonora, on Tuesday morning. With this most recent attack, the number of police officers killed in the municipality of Guaymas reached ten since October of 2018.

Sorora, Mexico, police at crime scene. (Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images)

Tijuana Tops 1100 Homicides in 2019

The cartel war in Tijuana continues with homicides topping 1,101 for 2019 (217 in June). The totals are slightly down in comparison to 2018 when 1,201 deaths were registered in the first six months. There was a total of 2,518 murders registered in 2018.

Mexican Police in Tijuana

Cartel Attacks in Northern Mexico Leave Five Dead Including Two Cops

Cartel gunmen in the Mexican border state of Sonora carried out two separate attacks within 30 minutes this past Saturday. The attacks left five dead, including two police officers and three civilians. The gunmen wounded an additional three police officers and a civilian during the two attacks.

Police Photo

Cartel Gunmen Kill 3 — Attack Police Station in Northern Mexico

Cartel violence in the border state of Sonora continued late Thursday and early Friday morning as gunmen carried out a series of attacks. The attacks left three people dead. The gunmen went on to riddle a police substation with gunfire.

Sonora state police man a roadblock days after a gunbattle between police and a drug cartel assault force that overran a town last May 16 near the Arizona border that left 23 dead, including five police officers in the town of Cananea, Mexico, Friday May 18, 2007. The nation's top …

Cartel Attacks Leave Child Dead, Baby Wounded in Northern Mexico

Cartel gunmen in Sonora opened fire upon a parked van, killing an adult male and his 3-year-old son. Two other children were also in the vehicle with one sustaining a minor injury. In a separate incident on Thursday night, a 3-month-old baby was wounded and a 28-year-old male was killed in a drive-by shooting.


Northern Mexican City Tallies 53 Murders in June

The cartel violence in the Mexican border state of Sonora continues with the discovery of a lifeless body of an unknown male in the municipality of Cajeme, this Monday morning. Cajeme encompasses Ciudad Obregón and is located approximately 330 miles south of the Arizona border. The official homicide total for the month of June in Cajeme sits at 53.

A man lies dead after a shootout in Tijuana, Mexico, Monday, Nov. 17, 2008. According to the police, nine men were shot dead Monday in several shootings throughout the city. Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez have both seen nearly daily killings as Mexico is swept up in a wave of drug-related …

Major Sinaloa Cartel Meth Lab Seized in Mexico

Mexican security personnel in the state of Sinaloa seized a major meth lab connected to the Sinaloa Cartel. Since 2018, Mexican officials busted over 20 similar labs in the state.

Sinaloa's state police officers work during the dismantle of one of the three clandestine laboratories producers of synthetic drug, mainly methamphetamine in El Dorado, Sinaloa state, Mexico on June 4, 2019. (Photo by RASHIDE FRIAS / AFP)

Tijuana Cartel War: 18 Murdered in 24 Hours

Tijuana continues to notch cartel-related homicides with 18 registered in a 24-hour period from Wednesday to Thursday morning. As of Thursday, a total of 146 murders have been recorded in June.

TIjuana Arrests

GRAPHIC — Two Dismembered Bodies Dumped in Mexican Border State

Police in the Mexican border state of Sonora discovered two dismembered bodies abandoned on the side of a road with a narco-message Sunday night in Ciudad Obregón. The discovery was made after police received a report from a passing motorist.

Sonora state police man a roadblock days after a gunbattle between police and a drug cartel assault force that overran a town last May 16 near the Arizona border that left 23 dead, including five police officers in the town of Cananea, Mexico, Friday May 18, 2007. The nation's top …

Two Cartel Gunmen Killed in Cancún After Ambushing Police Convoy

Two cartel gunmen were killed in Cancún after they attacked a state police convoy transporting prisoners from a prison to a hospital. The police were able to repel the attack, which was eventually believed to be an assassination attempt against a jailed cartel leader requiring medical care for a gunshot wound.


Watch: Cartel Gunmen in Cancún Ambush Mexican State Police

A team of cartel gunmen in the popular resort city of Cancún ambushed members of the Quintana Roo State Police. The officers traveled along a busy street in a private non-duty vehicle this past Tuesday night.  The brazen attack left one police officer in serious condition and wounded other officers and administrative staff who were also in the vehicle with non-life-threatening injuries. A civilian riding on a motorcycle nearby was also wounded by stray gunfire.

Mexican state police ambushed in Cancun by Cartel Gunmen. (Photo: Twitter/@Ejecutometro2)

210 Pounds of Fentanyl, Meth Seized at Arizona Border Checkpoints

At least 210 pounds of hard drugs like fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin were seized in Nogales, Arizona, over the past week by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The seizures occurred during multiple vehicle inspections worth an estimated total of $1 million.

Fentanyl pills seized in Phoenix. (File Photo: Drug Enforcement Administration)

Quarter-Ton of Meth Seized in Southern Arizona

At least 527 pounds of methamphetamine worth $7.2 million was seized in southern Arizona this past weekend during a joint investigation by local police and federal agents.