Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

Professor of ethics, degrees in economics, philosophy and theology. Amateur mixologist and certified Sommelier. Breitbart Rome Bureau Chief.

Ethicists Urge Equal Respect for All Lives During Pandemic

A group of leading scholars and bioethicists have issued a joint statement reaffirming the inestimable value of all human life and urging against discrimination toward the elderly or the disabled during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Photo Essay: Rome as Coronavirus Ghost Town

The streets of Rome were deserted the day before Palm Sunday, wiped antiseptically clean by fears of the coronavirus and, even more, of draconian measures instituted by the state to keep citizens confined to their homes.

The Roman Colosseum

African Nun Found Brutally Murdered in Gabon

Sister Lydie Oyane of the Catholic Congregation of Saint Mary in Gabon was found murdered in her room in Libreville on March 20, the alleged victim of a robbery.

Some of 150 people take part on August 22, 2012 to the funeral of a woman who died during clashes in Gabon's capital Libreville on August 15. Tensions in Libreville have been simmering since police stopped an unauthorised protest on August 15 in support of country's main opposition leader, Andre …