ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith: I’m Sick and Tired of Black Folks Talking About Racism

NASHVILLE, TN — ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith spoke at the Impact Symposium at Vanderbilt University on the topic of “How You See It: Perceptions of (In)Equality” on Tuesday and he reacted to the statement that the only time Americans talk about race is when there is a tragedy, like the Trayvon Martin case or the Ferguson case.

According to Smith, if Americans continue to only talk about racism when a tragedy takes place, America will continue to be the way that it currently is.

“Well if it continues that way we’re going to continue to have the problems that we’ve always had and not going to make any progress and it’s going to be the way that it is. As far as I’m concerned when it comes to racism, me personally, I’m sick and tired of black folks talking about it. White folks need to talk about it. Who the hell is black and don’t know anything about racism? If you really wanna learn about racism, rather than black folks complaining, why don’t you gather a bunch of white folks in a white neighborhood, let them mingle together and tell us why they feel how they feel. That’s how you learn. Because we already know where we stand.”

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