Conservative Radio Host Bill Cunningham: ‘There’s a Disconnect Among Real People Who Live in America and Coastal Elites’

In an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” conservative radio host Bill Cunningham discussed the “grip” President Donald Trump has on his supporters.

Cunningham explained that Trump’s supporters see him as a “rock star” who is working for “real people.”

“Donald Trump is a rock star,” Cunningham stated. “And to give you some idea, we’re the middle of Trump country. I can walk or drive to Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the border of California, and never set foot in a Clinton state or a Clinton county.”

“In Cincinnati, also, ‘USA Today,’ which is not exactly a conservative publication, sent out a bunch of reporters into Southern Ohio and Kentucky a few weeks ago the to get ready for a story today. And the first sentence of the story is, ‘Keep it up, President Trump.’ I think there’s a disconnect among the real people who live in America and the coastal elites,” he continued.

Cunningham then told host George Stephanopoulos that “normal Americans” saw through the mainstream media’s attacks on Trump because they “see things that bright, smart people in New York City don’t see.”

Once the conservative talker concluded, Stephanopoulos turned to members of his panel, who he called, “bright, smart people here in New York City.”

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