Woodward: ‘We Are Not Into Watergate Level Yet,’ ‘We Need to Calm It Down, Listen More’

In an interview with the Atlantic released on Friday, journalist Bob Woodward stated that “We are not into Watergate level yet, by any means.” And urged reporters to “calm it down, listen more,” while being “as aggressive as possible,” and never stopping the inquiry.

Woodward said that when Richard Nixon fired the special prosecutor during Watergate, “there was a mountain of evidence against him. We are not into Watergate level yet, by any means.”

He further argued that it didn’t serve either Trump or the media for the two to have a “thermonuclear war” with each other. Woodward added, “We need to calm it down, listen more, be–on the surface–respectful, but as reporters, be as aggressive as possible, and never stop the inquiry.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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