Birmingham Radio Host: Listeners Questioning Source, Timing of Washington Post Roy Moore Report

Birmingham Talk 99.5 radio hosts Matt Murphy and Andrea Lindenberg made an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday to offer their perception of the reaction in Alabama to a report in The Washington Post last week that accused former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore of engaging in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls more than 34 years ago.

According to Murphy, despite the initial shock of the allegations, listeners were questioning the source and the timing of the Post report

“Well, initially, Martha, it was a reaction of shock,” Murphy said. “Roy Moore is a known quantity in Alabama. He’s been running for chief justice. He’s run for governor twice. We have known him for 20, 25 year in his political life. It was one of shock that this type of explosive allegation would not have come out before now. And frankly, there is some skepticism considering the the source. We understand in a conservative state like Alabama, perhaps we don’t share the values of The Washington Post. So, listeners questioned the source, and they questioned the timing of all of this initially.”

Fill-in host Martha Raddatz asked Lindenberg if there was a possibility Moore could still win the December 12 election against Democratic nominee Doug Jones, to which Lindenberg said there was “a chance.”

“That’s a good question,” she replied. “There’s a chance, certainly. He says he’s not stepping down if they don’t postpone this election. We have people voting absentee. The military voting rite now. Certainly, there’s a chance. He stays on the ballot. The write-in, as Matt said, could split that vote and lean to Doug Jones, a Democrat. But, there’s a chance.”

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