Janet Napolitano: Climate Change Is a Threat — ‘The Southwest Border’ Is ‘Not a Real Threat’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Right Now,” former Obama administration Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said climate change is a national security threat, the U.S. Mexico border is not.

Napolitano said, “One real threat is the impacts of climate change on our safety when we see extreme weather events when we see landfall hurricanes when we see wildfires. Those are going to continue to increase. We need to rejoin the community of nations and do our part to reduce global warming, and we also need to do much more by way of adaptation to the warming that’s occurred. Cyber-security is a real threat, extraordinarily complicated. Mass gun violence, propelled by lots of different ideologies, a real threat.”

She added, “What’s not a real threat to the safety and security of Americans is the southwest border. The border is a zone. It needs to be managed. It needs to be managed in accord with the rule of law consistent with our values. But we need to recognize that that border is a zone through which lots of travel and trade occurs and it needs to be managed accordingly.”

(h/t Grabien)

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