‘Morning Joe’: ‘Time to Take a Stand’ and Ban WH Staffers ‘Who Repeatedly Lie’ from TV Interviews

Monday, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski urged fellow members of the media to quit putting White House staff members like Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Giuliani on television because they “repeatedly lie.”

Brzezinski slammed Sanders and Conway, saying the two lie and then lie about their lies. She questioned if the show should interview Sanders, explaining they do not invite Conway on because “it’s just literally 20 minutes of nothing — of lies.”

“Do we interview Sarah Huckabee Sanders?” Brzezinski asked. “What happens to briefings, if they ever come back? Where do we go with a situation like this?”

Scarborough agreed, saying he does not understand why anybody would have Sanders or Conway on if they will just lie.

“This isn’t opinion, it isn’t subjective, it is objective, you can stack their words up against words they’ve used in the past and they just lie and they do it openly and if they would like to get angry about that, we’d be glad to run clips all day tomorrow showing their lies. But the same thing with Rudy Giuliani. I was watching some hosts interview Rudy Giuliani, and he was saying things that just were objectifiably false. And I sat there wondering, ‘OK, well if you’ve got to let this guy on – despite the fact that he’s going to lie – why don’t you interrupt him and call out on every lie as they’re moving forward?’ I don’t understand. That’s not even-handed journalism. That’s just allowing a propagandist to come on and tell knowable lies.”

Scarborough then called for reporters to quit putting on White House staff on their shows.

“I don’t think reporters should have White House staff on who repeatedly lie,” stated Scarborough.

He added, “[W]e can’t have people coming on programs who are going to deliberately lie.”

Brzezinski replied, “It’s time to take a stand, I think. If [Sanders] won’t step down, we need to step up. That’s my opinion.”

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