Judge Jeanine: Mueller Appointed Special Counsel ‘Because the Deep State Needed a Front’

On Saturday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro used to “Opening Statement” segment to react to former Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s appearance before two congressional committees earlier in the week.

Mueller’s performance, according to Pirro raised questions as to why he was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s choice to be the special counsel. According to Pirro, it had to do with the so-called deep state needing “a front.”

“There were so many faux pas by Mueller as he stumbled and struggled, it was painful,” Pirro said. “Now why would Rod Rosenstein in 2017 bring a man in his condition who had applied to be head of the FBI, a 10-year term, and when Trump didn’t hire him, Rosenstein appoints him special counsel? Why? Because the deep state needed a front. A guy with impeccable credentials in the military and law enforcement, although I for one always questioned his actions as FBI director during the Whitey Bulger case and his absurd decision in the Ray Rice domestic violence case.”

“But the FBI – Comey, Strzok, Page and the whole lot of them – they needed someone there to prevent any real investigation into their plot to remake America,” she continued. “They think they’re more powerful than the president and the American people.”

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