CNN’s Bash: Sanders’ WaPo Attacks ‘Incredibly Dangerous’ and ‘Very Similar’ to Trump

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash criticized 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) attacks on the Washington Post‘s coverage of him as “very similar to what Donald Trump is doing,” and “incredibly dangerous.”

Bash said, “What Bernie Sanders is doing is different, and I actually think it’s dangerous. Because it is very similar to what Donald Trump is doing, in that, what he is doing is he is continuing to undermine the institution of the press by suggesting to people that we can’t make editorial decisions for ourselves because the corporate leaders, owners dictate for us. And it is incredibly dangerous. Because Marty Baron says, in the case of the Washington Post, it is just flat out not true. Our colleagues who worked at the Washington Post say, flat out not true. We work for a big corporation, not true, not true. And if I may, during the debate, Bernie Sanders said that explicitly to Jake, about the pharmaceutical industry advertising here. He didn’t know — I have no idea what the ads are on this network, nor does anybody ever tell us, and that is why it’s just on its face wrong, but also dangerous. Because it is getting something into the zeitgeist that is just not true.”

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