Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Rejects Idea of ‘Hard Right Turn’ by SCOTUS — ‘I’ve Got Great Confidence in America’

Tuesday, CNN’s “New Day” aired a portion of a sitdown interview with Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch ahead of the Supreme Court’s upcoming next term, which begins in October.

In the interview, CNN’s Ariane de Vogue brought up that the Court now consists of five conservative judges and suggested there could be “a hard right turn” on the decisions made.

Gorsuch rejected the notion of any change in how the Court rules, saying the rule of law in the United States has remained consistent over time and he has “great confidence” that will still be the case.

“The wonder of the rule of law in this country is its consistency over time, and as troublesome as sometimes our times may seem, and as difficult as they may appear to us, this country has been through a lot of challenges and always risen resiliently to them, whether it’s the Civil Rights movement, surviving through our Civil War, or today’s challenges. Whatever they may be, I’ve got great confidence in America, and I say to those who don’t, look elsewhere. Where else would you rather be?” he told de Vogue.

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