Cory Booker: SCOTUS Trying to Roll Back Civil Rights, Voting Rights, LGBTQ Rights

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s town hall on LGBTQ issues 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said the Supreme Court of the United States is attempting to roll back civil rights.

Booker said, “I will not wait for the Supreme Court because with the right-wing justices that this president has appointed, they’re not just looking to roll back LGBTQ rights, but we see it already,  a rollback of civil rights. A rollback of voting rights. A rollback we’re seeing across this country because of federal judges on a woman’s right to control their own body, and so we have got to make sure we enshrine everything from Roe v. Wade to the Voting Rights Act.”

He added, “We need to do legislation in Congress once and for all, and the Equality Act is essential. It is essential that nowhere in America, right now, the majority of states in America, you can post your pictures of your wedding on your Facebook page, but the next day you can be fired just because you are gay. That goes against every one of our core values in this nation, and we are not free when we swear an oath, all of us, swear an oath that we’ll be a nation for liberty and justice for all. those are aspirational words right now until every LGBTQ American has equal rights, and I will get the Equality Act passed and into law in our country.”

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