FNC’s Wallace on Impeachment: Everybody Believed ‘There Was a Quid Pro Quo’

During Thursday’s special coverage of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry on the Fox News Channel, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said all the witnesses said, “that there was a quid pro quo.”

Wallace said, “They were very careful in what they said. I was particularly struck when Fiona Hill was asked about the July 25th phone call. She didn’t even want to talk about it. This, of course, is the call the president released, it’s been declassified. But she said I wasn’t there for it. There are questions of executive privilege, and she was very, very careful in what she said. The point being that neither of them seem to come with any particular animus or any kind of political point of view.”

He added, “What becomes clear in all of this is that everybody seemed to be working off the same set of facts, and the set of facts were that Rudy Giuliani was working on behalf of the president. That Sondland was working on behalf of the president, that he was the direct conduit to the president, the kind of person who could get the president on a phone call on his cell phone in a patio of a restaurant in Ukraine. And that they all believed the same thing, which was that there was a quid pro quo. If you wanted a meeting with the president, you would have to agree to investigate the allegations of Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 election as well as Burisma.”

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