Watch: FNC’s Napolitano, Hegseth Battle over Bolton Testimony — Impeachment Hearing a ‘Search for the Truth’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” network senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano sparred with host Pete Hegseth over former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s potential testimony at the Senate impeachment trial.

Napolitano said, “What that has changed is it will be nearly impossible for Republicans not to allow him to testify. This is the guy who was at the heartbeat of the president’s decisions.”

Hegseth said, “Why is it nearly impossible? If House Democrats refuse to do any number of things because they control the process, why would Republicans be compelled in this case?”

Napolitano said, “I think it will be a political blowback. It will be as if they are afraid of what he was going to say. He could say I was with President Trump alone, and the president said to me fill in the blank. Whatever that is could force the president to take the stand and deny it. Or he could say I was with the president, I told him I disagreed with this, but he had the absolute right to do it, and there was no harm, no foul. We don’t know what he is going to say.”

He continued, “So prosecutors say call John Bolton, the Republicans are going to overrule the Chief Justice because they are afraid of what John Bolton would say. That would cause tremendous blowback.”

Hegseth said, “They have a majority. They can call him if they want to.”

Napolitano shot back, “This is a search for the truth! And if John Bolton has information—”

Hegseth interjected, “You think Democrats in the House are searching for the truth?”

Napolitano said, “No, the trial is a search for the truth. The impeachment is totally political.”

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