Buttigieg: Trump ‘a Symptom’ and ‘Cause’ of ‘So Many of the Problems We Are Facing in This Country’

Wednesday following the Democrat debate from the night before, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg discussed why he and other candidates do not solely take aim at President Donald Trump in their debates.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” contributor Mike Barnicle asked Buttigieg why he and the other candidates choose not to “reel off” how Trump has “altered America.”

Buttigieg told Barnicle that while he never misses the “opportunity” to go after Trump, he emphasized that the upcoming election is not about him, however, he said the president is a “symptom as well as a cause of so many of the problems we are facing in this country.”

“Well, I never miss an opportunity to go after Donald trump but I also think this election is not just about him,” Buttigieg stated. “If we’re going to turn the page, if we’re going to move into a new and better American moment, if we’re going to not only undo the damage that he’s done but speak to the conditions that brought him here, then we’ve got to talk about a bigger vision for America.”

“Remember, a guy like Donald Trump should never have been able to come within cheating distance of winning the presidency in the first place – he is a symptom as well as a cause of so many of the problems we are facing in this country,” he continued.

The former South Bend, IN mayor would not list off any examples, only saying, “Look, if we were to try to spend the evening listing off the ways in which this president has been harmful to our country, two hours wouldn’t be enough to contain it.”

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