FNC’s Wallace on Impeachment: Executive Privilege Not a Defense for Crime

Sunday anchor Chris Wallace said on Friday the Fox News Channel that the Supreme Court has ruled if there was any crime committed executive privilege was not a shield against potential testimony.

Host Sandra Smith asked, “Meanwhile, to the battle for witnesses. Will or will not we see Democrats call somebody like John Bolton to testify? Lindsey Graham has a point on that listen to the senator first.”

In a video, Lindsey Graham said, “Now they want John Bolton to come forward in the Senate to destroy executive privilege. Any president would claim executive privilege over the testimony for national security advisor. They didn’t even subpoena Bolton, and they are expecting us, Republicans, to destroy President Trump’s privilege.”

Smith said, “It really gives you a sense of where this battle is going next over witnesses.”

Wallace said, “Lindsey Graham, is a far more distinguished lawyer and knows a lot more about the law than me who is just a civilian. But having said that in the Supreme Court case, the Nixon tapes case, the Supreme Court ruled by a sizable majority, in the case of testimony about a potential crime, executive privilege is not a defense, is not a shield. So I’m sure the Democrats will be making the argument that only way we can find out if the president did or didn’t do something is my talking to somebody  like John Bolton the former National Security Advisor, and if there was any crime committed executive privilege is not a shield.”

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