Scarborough: Trump Using ‘Clearly Fascist Language’ in Omar Attacks

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday weighed in on President Donald Trump taking aim at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her native country Somalia.

Trump at his rally in Moon Township, PA, said of Omar, “We’re going to win the state of Minnesota because of her, they say. She’s telling us how to run our country. How did you do where you came from? How’s your country doing? She’s going to tell us — she’s telling us how to run our country.”

According to Scarborough, Trump has previously used “pure fascist rhetoric” when going after The Squad, of which Omar is a part of with three other minority congresswomen. He added that Trump’s attack on Omar Tuesday night is “clearly fascist language.”

“[W]e have, you know, after Charlottesville, after, I think it was maybe last summer, I think, is when the president told The Squad to go back home or whatever, you know, again, just pure fascist rhetoric,” Scarborough told network political analyst Jason Johnson. “And yes, everybody’s called it out before. It does seem to be more extreme now. And of course, it is clearly fascist language. But Jason, can we just step back for a second, because everybody’s focusing on what’s coming up in five or six weeks, and can we just talk about what’s going to happen over the next five or six years or the next five or six decades?”

“America is going to cease to be a majority white nation,” he continued. “And if the Republican Party had any interest in being a part of that nation and not just turning into a modern-day equivalent of the wigs, they would have figured out a better way to not present themselves as racists, to not present themselves, their president, at least, as fascists, telling refugees and others to get out of the country or that they’re somehow not a member of this country. That’s the thing about it is, yes, it is terrible, and yes, I will say it, it is evil, and yes, I’ll say it, I’ve never heard another American politician talk like this before Donald Trump, but it’s also stupid and short-sighted because a hard rain is going to fall on this Republican Party — even in four years, because the demographic changes are sweeping Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, other states. Republicans are probably not going to ever win again, especially with this kind of rhetoric. This is their last shot.”

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