Schiff: California Needs to Become ‘More Business-Friendly’ and Eliminate ‘Regulatory Impasse’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated that California needs to become “a more business-friendly state” and that the state needs to eliminate bureaucratic red tape and needless regulation.

Schiff said, “I think we have to make every effort to make this a more business-friendly state. I don’t think there’s anything incompatible with being progressive and also wanting to make sure that this is a place that businesses can survive and thrive. I think, in particular, we need to work on making sure that manufacturing, once again, has a home in California. It’s certainly too hard, too time-consuming to be able to site any new manufacturing plant. We have to be able to break through that regulatory impasse and the time it takes from the conception of an idea to be able to execute, build manufacturing, and put people to work.”

After host Bill Maher talked about the personal difficulties he’s had with installing solar panels and bureaucracy, Schiff stated, “This is exasperating, I know, and this is the problem. We need to cut through that kind of bureaucratic red tape.”

Maher responded, “And Democrats do. Democrats do run the state.” Schiff agreed with this point.

Schiff further stated that income inequality in California is increasing.

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