Scarborough: Trump ‘Would Be a Dictator if He Could’

Wednesday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough reacted to President Donald Trump urging Attorney General William Barr to investigate his 2020 opponent Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden after alleged email correspondence showed his son Hunter Biden getting help from the elder Biden to obtain a relationship with Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Scarborough argued that Trump “demanding” his attorney general to “arrest” his political opponent is “what a full-blown autocracy looks like.”

“This is something that happens or happened in the former Soviet Union. This is something that happens still in Russia. … This is what full-blown autocracy looks like, at least if you focus on the actions of the President of the United States,” Scarborough outlined.

He continued, “This is just one of a hundred examples that we can cite that shows just this massive disconnect between what actions that the president’s taking that are un-American and the justification for voting for this man who is trying to arrest his political rivals open the eve of what he believes to be an election defeat.”

Scarborough went on to say that Trump “would be a dictator if he could.”

“I haven’t even talked about the president of the United States saying that he would not guarantee, repeatedly in debates, the peaceful transfer of power,” Scarborough stated. “He did eventually after the fifth or sixth time.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski replied, “Not really.”

“But, yeah. It’s always sort of, ‘Oh, yeah, sure, sure, I’ll guarantee that, but what about Antifa? What about this? What about that?’ So I haven’t even talked about all of those things. And you add it up, this is a man and you know this, would be an autocrat if he could, would be a dictator if he could,” he added. “You know that. You’ve said that to me. Many of you have said you know that if he loses, he can’t leave America because our government would be afraid that he would sell state secrets, our most classified secrets to other countries. Some of you tell me you think he’s going to end up in jail. But you’re going to vote for him anyway. You know, I’m Tom Hanks in ‘Big,’ I don’t get it. I don’t get it.”

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