GOP Rep. Moore on Electoral College Challenge: ‘Momentum Is Building — We Need to Stand for Election Integrity Above All Things’

Tuesday, during an appearance on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL), a supporter of the Republican-led Electoral College challenge on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, offered a report on the progress of the effort.

According to the freshman lawmaker, there was “momentum” on their side.

“[M]omentum is building,” he said. “It is a pivotal time in our nation, and we need to stand for election integrity above all things.”

According to Moore, he and the others involved in the challenge were serving as “the voice of the people.”

“The Democrats did the same thing in 2004, and then 2016, as well,” Moore said. “In 2016, it really was just an exercise in futility where you have one House member and one Senator contest the electorate. But in this case, it is one of what we think is obvious fraud across a number of states — Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, just to name a few. And we have 75 million American voters who showed up and voted for President Trump. They expect us to stand and be their voice.”

“There is a Latin term called ‘vox populi,'” he continued. “We had it in the House of Representatives in Alabama, and that means ‘the voice of the people.’ In order to be the voice of the people of Alabama in the second congressional district, and for that matter, our nation, we’ve got to stand and contest these delegates. We’ve got to fight for election integrity for the future of this country.”

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