Al Sharpton: Kamala Harris ‘Is Now Living Black History’

MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Live” previewed his interview with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Sharpton said, “I’m going to play the full interview that lasted over 15 minutes on Saturday night, Saturday evenings on “‘PoliticsNation.'”

He continued, “We talked about black history, what it meant to her, how she has dealt with being vice president. This was the first sit-down interview from the Ceremonial room, they call it, in the White House. She did it because we wanted to have her for the end of Black History Month.”

He added, “She clearly is now living black history, and she talked about that, talked about going to a historical black college, what all that meant to her, raised by a single mother. She kept coming back to where we are in history now, and that is the COVID pandemic and how we need to deal with it. Clearly, she feels this package is a must, and the public must rally around it to make their elected officials do what they should.”

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