Dem Rep. Bass: Republicans Working in Good Faith on Police Reform

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Republicans were working in “good faith” on police reform legislation.

Anchor Dana Bash asked, “You have been working with Republican Senator Tim Scott in an unofficial capacity to try to find a deal on police reform. Where do things stand right now?”

Bass said, “Actually, there are several of us in addition to Senator Scott. I am hopeful because the group of people where we have been having informal discussions are very sincere. It’s a bipartisan group. I believe we want to make something happen. Senator Scott is key. I think he has been a completely honest broker. It’s been very helpful working with him. So Senator Scott and  Senator Booker are taking the lead in the Senate. Because as you mentioned, the bill has already passed the House. But we’re continuing to work together to find a solution that will garner the super majority that is needed to pass legislation in the Senate.”

Bash said, “You know, I hear from a lot of your fellow Democrats in Congress that, generally speaking, they don’t feel they have legitimate partners across the aisle who want to find compromise on big issues. You are saying police reform really is different? Republicans are operating in good faith?”

Bass said, “I believe the Republicans I am working with are operating in good faith. I do think there is other examples. I’m fortunate to work on other issues that I work fine with my Republican colleagues. Again, it’s one thing to pass a legislation in the House. It’s a super hurdle to get it passed in the Senate.”

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