Morning Joe: Gun Rights Advocates Were ‘Eloquent,’ Katie Couric Tried to Present Them as ‘Idiots’

Mike Windle/Getty Images For EPIX

During the June 7 airing of MSBNC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said the gun rights advocates in Under the Gun were “eloquent,” and Katie Couric tried to present them as “idiots.”

Scarborough said Couric’s film was an old-fashioned “hit piece” that blew up on her because some of the people she interviewed were recording the conversations too. Therefore, when she inserted an 8-second pause to make gun rights advocates appear stumped by gun control questions, those same advocates produced their own footage showing that they had, in fact, responded immediately to Couric’s questions. Moreover, they had rebutted her.

Scarborough pointed out that Couric showed “shots of [pro-gun advocates] looking stupid, like, ‘Wow, we really stumped them with that question.'” But he explained that some of the advocates “were smart enough to actually record the whole thing, and they all had very quick, eloquent answers” without any pause.

He added, “It’s stunning. It’s one of the most stunning things that I’ve ever seen as far as just a complete hit job on a group of Americans.”

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza was a guest on Morning Joe, and he concurred with Scarborough, saying, “This is exactly what we don’t need. This is the exact kind of thing that convinces those who support gun rights that the other side is plotting against them.”

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