Debra Messing: ‘I Lost My Sh*t When I Met Eric Holder’

Instagram: therealdebramessing
Instagram: therealdebramessing

Actress Debra Messing revealed in a recent social media post that she just couldn’t contain herself when meeting former attorney general Eric Holder.

“At the Opening of #AintTooProud there were many luminaries. But I lost my sh*t when I met former Attorney General Eric Holder,” Debra Messing said Saturday.

“Hello, my name is Debra and I am a political nerd,” she added.

Ain’t Too Proud is a musical about the legendary Motown music group The Temptations.

Since President Trump’s victory in 2016, Holder, who served under President Obama, has repeatedly denigrated Republicans. Last year, he made headlines after he modified Michelle Obama’s slogan, “When they go low, we go high,” to say, “When they go low, we kick ’em.”

“That’s what this new Democratic party is all about. We’re proud as hell to be Democrats, we’re willing to fight for the ideals of the Democratic party,” he added.

“We’re proud of our history, we’re proud of our present, and we’re proud of the future we can create for this country. We are not in this just to make a statement, we’re in this to win.”

Messing routinely uses her platform to spread left-wing political messages. In January, the 50-year-old participated in the smear campaign against teenagers from Covington Catholic high school, calling student Nick Sandmann a “Mocking, condescending, disrespecting, ASSHOLE.”

Last year, the Will & Grace star simply declared that members of the Trump White House are “all going to hell.”


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