Nolte: Meghan McCain Poses as Conservative Victim After New York Times Attack

Meghan McCain arrives to the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - Dinner and Show on April 12, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for GLAAD)
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for GLAAD

Meghan McCain is posing as a conservative so she can play a blacklisting victim after being attacked by the far-left New York Times.

First, let me tell you, no one enjoys this blue on blue violence more than yours truly.

The Times’ culture “reporter,” Shamira Ibrahim, published a piece on Thursday blistering McCain.

Headline: “‘The View’ Has a Meghan McCain Problem”

Sub-headline: “The daytime co-hosts’ heated bipartisan debates are played down as disagreement among friends. But the strain for ‘civility’ is tiring.”

Gist: McCain is the “most polarizing and predictable figure,” and her arguments are “just exhausting”:

Every combative segment is immediately countered by a claim that it’s all just a harmless debate among friends, making the ostensibly organic on-air confrontations feel all the more performative, no matter how genuine the sentiment.

The problem is, with Ms. McCain still on the show, there’s not much to enjoy.

Context: Obviously the Times and Ibrahim are left wing, but John McCain’s talentless daughter has been a View co-host for going on three years without this kind of “partisan” backlash. In fact, because John McCain’s talentless daughter’s only talent is undermining Republicans, for two decades, the fake media have embraced her as one of their own. So the idea McCain is under attack over her politics is ludicrous.

The real reason is that things have gotten so tense on the show, John McCain’s talentless daughter took a break last week. The New York Post report on the matter explained things this way:

Sources told us McCain planned a personal day on Friday, but was unexpectedly absent from the table on Thursday. “She stayed home for a personal matter,” a source close to McCain told Page Six.

Multiple sources told us her relationship with the other hosts — including with her one-time TV bestie Abby Huntsman — has soured. Huntsman described their friendship as “salt and pepper” to People magazine in November, and McCain has called Huntsman her “ride or die.”

But sources told us this week that the duo had a nasty falling out about a month ago. “They aren’t speaking to one another. It’s been about a month … It’s bad,” an insider said. Another source added, “They’re not as close as they once were, but there’s no hatred between them.” ABC reps did not comment.

Huntsman, who is another of the View’s housebroken conservatives didn’t have these problems. In fact, she announced she’s leaving the show to work on her dad’s campaign, but the rumors say the hostility created by John McCain’s talentless daughter is why.

So how does John McCain’s talentless daughter respond to the Times’ attack?

Of course, she plays the victim card… And suddenly she’s posing as a real-life, red state conservative — you know, even though her entire brand has been built on bashing the right while posing as one of us — the only kind of conservative the media will ever hire.

Get this…

“[New York] Times – everyone already knows how much you despise red state, pro life, pro #2A conservative women, and wish we would all just go away” is how John McCain’s talentless daughter responded to the Times:

Spare me.

Does John McCain’s talentless daughter honestly believe that after she has spent two decades relentlessly backstabbing and undermining Republicans, after two decades of her mercenary attacks on conservatives to shine her pathetic brand and seek favor with the corporate media, after she turned her father’s funeral into an anti-Trump political rally, that we conservatives are going to run to her rescue like she’s some kind of blacklist victim?

That’ll be the day.

If you need me, I’ll be over here enjoying every single second of this.

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