Democrat Filmmaker to Vote for Donald Trump After Making Illegal Immigration Documentary

Namrata Singh Gujral/Twitter

A filmmaker who is a registered Democrat said this week that she is voting for President Donald Trump after making a documentary about illegal immigration.

Namrata Singh Gurjal made America’s Forgotten, which contrasted the plight of homeless veterans with Democrats’ attempts to cater to illegal immigrants.

During an October 26 appearance on Real America’s Voice, Gujral told host Tudor Dixon that the project was enough to get her to change her views.

So much so, the Democrat said she is voting for Trump.

“Because of this film, I’ve decided not to vote for Joe Biden this year and the Democrats’ terrible policies on illegal immigration. I’m going to vote for President Trump,” Gujral said.

America’s Forgotten was released on October 16.

Gujral told The Kyle Olson Show that week she heard of a father and daughter who drowned attempting to cross the Rio Grande illegally into Texas. When she sought details, she found a story of an Indian girl who also died while attempting to cross from Mexico into America.

Gujral was in India working on another project and decided to “go tell her story from the standpoint of, ‘Let’s talk about the persecution or violence or poverty or the angst that people feel where they have to put their lives in so much danger to get to the U.S.’”

What she found is the Indian girl, named Gurpreet, defied that narrative.

Gujral said 95 percent of migrants seeking asylum on the southern border are not affected by those conditions.

Migrants will often be shepherded through several countries by coyotes, many migrants paying as much as $80,000 per person just to get to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“So you’ve got to have that kind of money to be able to even get here,” she said.

“The truly impoverished in any of these countries never make it to our borders.”

Regarding a moment in the film that shows coyotes playing a clip from a Democrat presidential debate about health benefits for illegals, Gujral said, “This is how they ensnare people to pay them all that money from all over.”


"America's Forgotten"

She likened it to “the carrot.”

Gujral said she does not believe Democrats are doing it intentionally, but “the coyotes and the smugglers literally take this messaging” and convince migrants to use their services to get to America.

“Every time my party unfortunately comes up with something as a ‘Let’s give coronavirus help to the illegal immigrants,’ … people look at it like, ‘This is where I need to be,’” she said.

The movie can be watched at

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