Stephen Colbert’s Fake First Lady Mocks, Mask Shames Melania Trump


First Lady Melania Trump was mocked and mask shamed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with actress Laura Benanti, who put on a fake accent to portray Mrs. Trump disparaging her, President Donald Trump, and Christmas.

“Oh, who doesn’t wake up a little sick after a good party, eh? Besides, I’ve always considered nausea a side effect of spending an evening with my husband,” said Benanti’s Melania Trump in response to Colbert’s question about whether or not she was concerned about unmasked guests potentially getting sick at “controversial” White House Christmas parties.

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“There are rumors that unlike the president, you’ve already accepted the election results and you just want to move on. Is that true?” Colbert asked of Benanti’s First Lady.

The actress’ character responded by stating that she has been trying to tell her husband that “it’s over,” and suggested that their marriage will be over soon as well.

“Yes, Stephen, it’s like I keep telling my husband, Donald, it’s over, we both know it ended a while ago, now we just need to accept that and keep going until the prenup runs out,” said Benanti.

Benanti’s Melania Trump went on to joke that she needed her husband to “pardon” her before he leaves office, as she does not want to “go to jail.”

“Before leaving the White House, I want my husband to pardon me, I can’t go to jail,” she said. “I don’t want to share a cell with Kayleigh McEnany.”

The Late Show host also brought up the First Lady’s secretly recorded conversations in which she talked about Christmas decorations with “a woman who pretended to be her friend.”

“Oh, Stephen, that was just locker room talk,” replied Benanti’s character, who said she was just quoting from her favorite Christmas carol.

From there, Benanti began to sing, “Who gives a fuck about Christmas? Who gives a fuck about Christmas? Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decorations?”

“After years of buying spooky decorations from the Halloween store, I finally wanted to express the real Melania, so I took these beautiful, perfectly happy trees, dragged them into the White House, and covered them in glitz so you don’t realize they are slowly dying inside,” added Benanti’s Melania Trump of her Christmas decorations this year.

Joe and Jill Biden will sit down with the left-wing late night host Colbert on Thursday in what will be Joe’s first interview since being named president-elect.

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