Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Lipstick On a Pit Bull’ Sarah Palin for Contracting Coronavirus

US television host Jimmy Kimmel arrives for "An Evening With Jimmy Kimmel" at the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood on August 7, 2019. (Photo by Chris Delmas / AFP) (Photo credit should read CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Left-wing ABC late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel mocked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) after she announced she contracted the Chinese coronavirus, concluding that “these people,” a likely reference to conservatives, “only believe in science when it happens to them.”

“You know who tested positive for COVID? Our old lipstick on a pit bull herself Sarah Palin announced that she and her two of her kids contracted the virus,” Kimmel said during his “Pranksgiving” edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, before mocking the former vice presidential candidate, concluding that you “almost have to try to catch COVID in Alaska.”

“It’s easier to catch a bald eagle than COVID in Alaska,” he said, highlighting Palin’s plea for others to wear a mask,” which he described as “rich.”

“At the beginning of this back in May, she traveled all the way to Texas to visit a beauty salon to support the owner of that salon who went to jail because she refused to shut her business down,” Kimmel said, referencing Palin’s visit to Salon Á la Mode. “She said it was her constitutional right to endanger her community. But now that Sarah has herself been bitten by the bug she changed her tune. I love these people who only believe in science when it happens to them.”

Kimmel concluded that those people “only acknowledge COVID is real” after they contract it, adding, “It’s like saying, ‘Now that I have been mauled by a bear personally, I realize that their claws and teeth are very sharp.’ But good for her for speaking out finally.”

Watch below:

Palin this week revealed that she contracted the virus, telling PEOPLE magazine that she views wearing the “cumbersome mask indoors in a crowd as not only allowing the newfound luxury of being incognito, but trust it’s better than doing nothing to slow the spread.”

“And history will show we Masked Singer visitors were masked before being masked was cool,” she said, referencing her Season 3 appearance on the FOX’s The Masked Singer, where she was revealed as “The Bear.”

“I strongly encourage everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this and every other virus out there,” Palin added.

Kimmel’s hostility toward his political opposition over a variety of issues, including the virus, has continued even as Joe Biden called for headline in America. In December, the far-left ABC host suggested former Vice President Mike Pence should not get the vaccine due to his skepticism of a second wave.

“So maybe save that dose for someone else,” the Live host said. “The only cure Mike Pence should get right now is a bottle of Clorox and a heat lamp.”


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