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Guardian: No Climate Skeptics, Only ‘Deniers’

The Guardian newspaper has declared that it will no longer refer to those who question reigning beliefs regarding anthropogenic climate change as “climate skeptics” but will attempt to discredit them with the label “climate deniers.”

An arrangment of Guardian newspapers is photographed in an office in London on January 26, 2016. The Guardian newspaper is to cut running costs by 20 percent over three years and may begin charging for some online content following a 25-percent plunge in print advertising, British media reported Tuesday. / …

Exclusive: Venue Hosted Labour, Cancels on Brexit Party Last Minute

The poll-topping Brexit Party has vowed the show must go on after the venue it hired for a campaign rally cancelled the booking at short notice, claiming they don’t host political meetings — despite previously hosting the left-liberal Labour Party.


Pope Francis Thanks Media for Taking the Church to Task

ROME — “I want to tell you how much I respect your work, the Church respects it, even when you touch a sore point, and the sore point may be in the ecclesial community,” Pope Francis told journalists Saturday.

Pope Francis is surrounded by journalists and aides as he arrives to celebrate a Holy Mass on Knyaz Alexander I square in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, on May 5, 2019. - Pope Francis arrived in Bulgaria, where he will meet members of the tiny Catholic community, but the main Orthodox …

Rome’s March for Life Draws its Largest Crowds Ever to Protest Abortion

“We are here today to demonstrate against unjust laws, laws that kill innocent people, people who cannot react and cannot defend themselves,” said the president of Italy’s March for life committee, Virginia Coda Nunziante, following the nation’s largest anti-abortion march in its history.

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