Watch: The Most Annoying Woman Ever Charlotte Proudman

BBC Newsnight

I’ve just seen the most annoying women on the planet. And no, amazingly, it’s not Baroness Warsi. Or Emily Thornberry. Nor even Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. It’s Charlotte Proudman, the man-hating feminazi with political ambitions, who really doesn’t deserve any more time in the media spotlight than she’s had already.

But, damn it, I can’t help it. I insist that you torture yourself by watching at least a little bit of her interview with Evan Davis on BBC Newsnight last night, just so you can see for yourself what a horrendously irritating little tic Charlotte Proudman is and in order that you may pray to the gods that never, ever, EVER will this uppity little miss land a job anywhere near the reins of power.

Be warned: it’s so painful to watch it makes the “Is it safe” torture scene in Marathon Man look like Wonder Pets.

How long can you last before you want to tear your eyeballs out with a rusty fork?


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