49 Migrants Found Locked in Tractor-Trailer at West Texas Border Patrol Checkpoint

Big Bend Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 49 migrants found locked inside a tractor-trailer at the Interstate 10 immigration checkpoint. The apprehension at the checkpoint comes on the same day Border Patrol officials closed similar checkpoints in the Del Rio Sector. Officials have subsequently closed the Laredo Sector checkpoints in an attempt to divert additional resources to the humanitarian crisis in Del Rio, Texas.

Sierra Blanca Border Patrol agents find 49 migrants locked inside a tractor-trailer at the Interstate 10 Immigration Checkpoint. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Big Bend Sector)

EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Moves Migrants from Del Rio Camp with School Buses

A major movement of migrants from the makeshift camp located under the Del Rio, Texas International Bridge is underway, according to a law enforcement source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A school bus marked “San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District” entered the camp to assist the Border Patrol in moving the migrants. It is unknown if the bus is part of the school district’s active fleet used to transport students.

A Texas school bus arrives to begin moving migrants from the Del Rio Camp. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Shuts Down All Border Patrol Checkpoints in Laredo Sector

U.S. Border Patrol officials closed all highway immigration checkpoints operating in the Laredo Sector on Friday evening in response to the Haitian migrant crisis unfolding in Del Rio, Texas, according to a source within Customs and Border Protection. The Laredo Sector operates six permanent checkpoints including one of the busiest checkpoints in the nation located on the I-35 Interstate corridor between Laredo and San Antonio.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials close highway checkpoints in response to the Del Rio migrant crisis. (Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas)

Watch: Del Rio Mayor Describes New Economy at Migrant Camp Under Texas Border Bridge

DEL RIO, Texas — Mayor Bruno Lozano told reporters Thursday that a separate economy has developed under the border bridge where migrants and likely citizens of Mexico are carrying goods into the camp thanks to regular river crossings to and from Ciudad Acuna. The growing population of migrants and the strain on resources could mean migrants will spend weeks in the camp before transferring to an indoor detention facility, according to the mayor.

Border Patrol holds a group of mostly Haitian and Venezuelan migrants under a bridge near Del Rio, Texas. (More than 2,000 mostly Haitian and Venezuelan migrants crossed the Rio Grande at Del Rio, Texas, during the past week. Several hundred migrants remain at the river’s edge awaiting transport and processing …