Chickens Saved From Alleged Cockfighting Ring Could Be Euthanized


Close to 200 chickens, hens and roosters that were allegedly being raised and trained for the “barbaric sport of cockfighting” were rescued by San Diego County Animal Services recently, near the U.S.-Mexico border. But they are unlikely to escape the clutches of death: the birds will likely be euthanized unless their owners step forward.

“They were raised for the barbaric sport of cockfighting,” Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Services Dan DeSousa told local ABC News affiliate in San Diego 10News. He said “these so-called blood sports cause an animal to suffer tremendously and most likely die.”


The animals were reportedly recovered from Otay Auto Transports. Some of them had parts of their bodies, like their combs and wattles, chopped off in order to have mini knives and other weapons inserted for fighting.

Two men have reportedly confessed to bringing 20 of the birds to the site for cockfighting in Mexico, yet it is still unknown who is responsible for the rest. 10News reports that Animal Services is filing charges against these two men for suspected possession of birds with intent to fight.

Unlike dogfighting, which is considered to be a felony in the State of California, cockfighting is merely considered a misdemeanor.

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