Baby Conservatives

This week we chat about baby conservatives, the mid term election results, good guy with a gun in Chicago, and a politician losing her mind in Mississippi.

Back to the News

This week we chat about Yexit, angry white men, and more trans racial nonsense.

Uptown Hall Edition

This week we do prep work Sonnie's appearance at the Apollo, concede defeat, and reset for what's next.

Lloyd Evans

Spectator theatre critic, playwright, Welshman, Balliol man, friend of Boris

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Brexiteer, Meme, Honourable Member (of Parliament) for the 18th Century

James Tooley

James Tooley - Professor of Education Policy at Newcastle University, co-founder of the Independent Grammar School, Durham, on why private schools work best (even in the poorest parts of the world) and how to survive in an Indian prison.

When We Are Armed, We Are Free

This week AWR talks briefly about the Democrats' continued push for more gun control then transitions to his recent lecture at Hillsdale College. Listen now to hear clips from his presentation, "The Human Cost of Gun Control," where he explains that humanity suffers when the God-given right to keep and bear arms is inhibited. Continue listening as he points out that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are only secure when the citizens are armed and able to defend themselves.

Gun Control a Frontal Assault Against Our Humanity

This week AWR describes the ways in which gun control is an assault on our humanity; the ways in which it assails our nature before it ends our lives. Listen now to hear him describe the God-given right--which are interwoven into our being--and continue listening as he explains the existential threat presented by gun control. AWR then tells stories of self-defense, brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Vote Like Your Second Amendment Depends on It

The midterm elections provide an opportunity to vote in pro-gun candidates while voting out those who stood in the way of pro-gun opportunities. Listen now as AWR discusses pivotal election contests. Continue listening as he recounts self-defense stories, brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Episode 103 - Countering the Left's Continued Attack

11.20.18 - Breitbart's John Nolte with the latest news from the media, then it's the 2A Round-table with AWR Hawkins and Mark Walters.

Episode 102 - College Campuses and Free Speech

11.14.18 - Nicki Neily, President and Founder of Speech First, discusses some startling findings from a recent national study on American college students’ attitudes toward exercising their right to free speech. Then the always entertaining Jerome Hudson.

Episode 101 - What is going on in Florida?

11.13.18 - "Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death" author Allen West joins Curt to discuss the post election aftermath in Florida, as well as AWR Hawkins and Mark Walters.