Jim Gilmore Absent From At Least 14 GOP State Primary Ballots

Republican presidential candidate, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore waves as he arrives to speak at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015.
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

GOP presidential candidate former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore is still in the race for the Republican nomination – despite his zero percent support in the polls – but he has missed at least 14 state filing deadlines, which means his name won’t be on the ballot in those states when people go to vote.

Since last month, Arizona, Texas, Maine, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Massachusetts, Illinois and Washington, D.C. have all had filing deadlines passed.

Out of those states, Gilmore only made the ballot in North Carolina and Massachusetts.

The other 11 GOP presidential candidates filed in all of those states, except for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who like Gilmore, did not file for Washington D.C.’s GOP primary ballot.

Huckabee’s Senior Communications Advisor Hogan Gidley told Breitbart News, “We decided not to spend our campaigns resources to get on the ballots in DC, Vermont or the Northern Mariana Islands.”

Ohio’s Republican Party Communications Director Brittany Warner spoke to Breitbart News about the Ohio primary:

Jim Gilmore did not file paperwork. Some candidates did not file full delegate slates, including Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham (out), Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. Ohio is a winner-take-all state for the awarding of delegates though. So, if a candidate were to win the state that does not have a full delegate slate, the state party would be able to assign delegates for that candidate to the convention.

In total, Gilmore is missing from 14 state ballots, according to Breitbart News’s research.

Breitbart News previously reported Gilmore didn’t make the deadline for Idaho, Oklahoma, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Breitbart News did not receive a response to a request for comment from Gilmore.

The deadline for the Kentucky GOP primary ballot is January 7.


Gilmore didn’t file for Kentucky’s GOP primary ballot, which deadline passed at 5 p.m. today. The other 11 GOP presidential candidates did qualify for Kentucky’s primary.


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