Joe Biden: China Going to Win 5G and A.I. if Trump Is Still President

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump’s tariff fight with China on Monday, warning that it would cost the United States global leadership.

“If we continue this battle going on the last three years for another four … China is going to be in 5G. A.I. is going to be owned by them,” Biden said.

Biden criticized Trump during a fundraiser in Coral Gables, Florida for his 2020 campaign run.

“They’re spending billions of dollars and we’re standing here with our thumb in our ear while the rest of the world is passing us by,” he said, referring to China. “So folks, it’s time to remember who we are.”

Biden warned that Trump was an “existential threat” to the future of the global stability, warning that NATO would likely end if he was president for another four years.

“The rest of the world is wondering what’s going on,” he said. “Eight years of this and I think we’ll have a phenomenal dislocation occur around the world. I think you’ll see the end of NATO and a whole range of other things that really are the things that maintain peace.”

Biden told donors that Trump’s presidency could be an “aberration” or an “anomaly” in the history of the United States if he failed to get re-elected.

“We’re the United States of America. There’s not a damn thing we can’t do,” he said. “But there’s not much we can do if he’s still there.”


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