Exclusive—Jeff Landry: Edwards’ Veto of Healthcare Bill Would Be ‘Clear Signal’ He Rejects Preexisting Conditions

Activists protest a GOP healthcare bill on Capitol Hill in July 2017. On Wednesday, House Democrats unveiled legislation for a long-promised universal healthcare plan, commonly called Medicare for All. File Photo by Erin Schaff/UPI
Photo by Erin Schaff/UPI

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Tuesday that if Democrat Gov. Jon Bel Edwards were to veto the Louisiana healthcare bill, it would show he does not care about preexisting conditions and “boost” Rep. Ralph Abraham’s (R-LA) and businessman Eddie Rispone’s gubernatorial campaigns.

Louisiana Attorney General Landry spoke with Breitbart News regarding his Obamacare replacement, the Louisiana Families Protection act, which would allow the state insurance commission to open the health insurance market to anyone not covered by an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. Companies could then compete on the state exchange to offer health insurance.

Landry’s health insurance legislation would also protect Americans with preexisting conditions without the more onerous regulations that arose from Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Louisiana healthcare bill passed through both chambers of the Louisiana legislature with veto-proof majorities, sending the bill to Edwards’ desk to sign or veto. Edwards faces a difficult decision whether to veto the popular healthcare bill or sign the bill and give Republicans a potential model for Republicans to use to both repeal Obamacare and deliver more affordable healthcare to the American people.

Edwards faced a similar position when he ultimately signed the Louisiana heartbeat bill, which restricted the ability for citizens to obtain an abortion after a fetus has developed a heartbeat.

Landry said that if Edwards veto the bill, it would serve as a “clear signal” he does not care about preexisting conditions.

“The governor’s failure to sign this legislation would send a clear signal that he does not care about people’s preexisting conditions and only wants to continue to dance to the drum of the Nancy Pelosi’s and the Democrat left of the left that just wants to demagogue and demonize Republicans,” Landry said.

Landry’s legislation would become law if the Supreme Court would strike down the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). If Edwards were to veto the legislation and if the Supreme Court were to rule the ACA unconstitutional, then many Louisianans with preexisting conditions could find themselves without health insurance and access to health care.

The Louisiana attorney general said that Edwards’ potential veto of the legislation could serve as a “boost” to Republican gubernatorial candidates such as Abraham.

Edwards’ current healthcare predicament arises as a June poll found that both Abraham and Edwards are tied in a Louisiana gubernatorial poll, conducted by Remington Research.

The governor’s potential signing of the healthcare bill could also jeopardize his Democrat support, as the poll said that only 49 percent of Democrats said that they were definitely voting for Edwards, while 29 percent said that they would consider voting for another Democrat, and 15 percent of Democrat respondents said that they were not voting for Edwards at all.

Landry then said that his legislation serves as a bill that would help “protect the middle-class dream,” by offering Louisianans affordable health insurance while protecting preexisting conditions.

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