Steve Moore Predicts ’40-State Re-Election Landslide’ for Trump if China Deal Happens

U.S. President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up as he walks toward Marine One while departing from the White House on May 16, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump is traveling to New York to attend a fundraiser. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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Author and economic analyst Stephen Moore predicted on Breitbart News Saturday radio a massive 2020 re-election victory for President Donald Trump if he makes a trade deal with China.

Moore joined radio host Matt Boyle on Saturday, admitting that he was wrong when it came to the president’s call to threaten Mexico with tariffs if they didn’t take action against massive waves of migrants headed to the U.S. southern border. Moore lauded a deal with Mexico that the president secured last Friday.

Moore suggested that President Trump’s success in coming to an agreement with Mexico could help in moving forward trade negotiations with China.

“We’re in a new kind of cold war with China … the U.S. cannot back down,” Moore said. He emphasized that as a self-professed “free trade guy” he doesn’t like tariffs, but that he’s with the president “totally” on China.

“There’s nothing that Trump is asking China to do that is not completely reasonable,” Moore went on. “China should open up Americans, China should stop cheating and stealing and those kind of things.”

“I think this gives him additional leverage now to get a deal with Beijing,” he reiterated of the effect of the Mexico deal on negotiations with China. He called Trump a “master negotiator.”

“In the end of the day Trump will win,” Moore said, adding that China would love Joe Biden as President of the United States. He called Biden a “patsy when it comes to China.” He worries that China will try and wait out the Trump presidency, but added that China relies far more on the U.S. economy for their success than the U.S. relies on China.

Moore predicted a deal with China in the next three to four months and that, if it happens, President Trump will be “home free” with a soaring U.S. economy and stock market as a result. He said this will lead to a “40 state re-election landslide” victory for Trump in 2020.

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