Parker: Real World Ms. Monopolies Have No Need for a Handout; Female Business Owners Are Thriving


Elaine Parker of Job Creators Network writes in the Daily Caller that the board game Ms. Monopoly offers female players advantages that real world women entrepreneurs do not, in fact, need because they are thriving:

Meet Ms. Monopoly — a new twist on the classic board game that recently hit store shelves. Although the company has never shied away from creating different versions of the game, this one changes the rules. It gives female players a head start by issuing more funny money to women at the start of the game and allows them to collect more than their male counterparts each time they “pass go.”

Although the new release is intended to celebrate women entrepreneurs and piggyback on the “woke” culture that floods modern day America, the update backfires. By applying what is essentially gender-based affirmative action, the game downplays what real world female entrepreneurs have been able to accomplish on an even playing field.

. . .

From 2007 to 2018, there was a 58 percent surge in women-owned businesses. When compared to the overall business growth rate of 12 percent, it’s clear female entrepreneurs are surpassing their male counterparts. From 2017 to 2018, on average, women created a breathtaking 1,821 businesses per day. If every business formation was considered to be one concert goer, over the course of a year, that’s enough to fill Madison Square Garden 30 times over.

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