Hillary Clinton: I’m an Elector in New York, Can’t Wait to Vote for Biden

Hillary Clinton Electoral College
Sirius XM

Former Secretary of State and failed Democrat 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she is one of the 538 electors in the Electoral College.

Clinton’s remarks came during an interview on  SiriusXM’s “Signal Boost.” Clinton said:

I was going to vote early, that was my current plan because New York has done it for the first time. But the lines, even where I live, are two, three, four hours long. So, I’m waiting for a break in the line so I can vote early or I’ll just take a bagged lunch and go vote on Election Day depending upon what I can get done.

Clinton continued, telling the hosts of the program that she would be “nervous” on Election Day:

I’ll be nervous. I’m always nervous on election days, no matter whether I’m running or not, but obviously this year I’m incredibly focused on it. I’ll be calling my friends, I’ll be getting what information I can from people who are friends of mine or people in the Biden campaign, anybody that can tell me what they’re seeing happen to feed my anxiety.

Clinton also said she is “worried” that America will not have a “final conclusion for a couple of days” on Election Day results.

“I’m an elector in New York,” Clinton said. “I’m sure I’ll get to vote for Joe [Biden] and Kamala [Harris] in New York. So, that’s pretty exciting… I can’t wait.”

The former first lady concluded the interview by saying that she “can’t imagine [Trump] would be reelected after the damage that he’s cuased.”

Previously, Clinton has called for an end to the electoral college in presidential elections, writing in a 2018 op-ed in the Atlantic, “You won’t be surprised to hear that I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College.”

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