Ann Coulter: Why Do We Have Debate Moderators at All? ‘Why on Earth Should All These Hillary Voters Be Choosing the Questions?’

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Speaking with Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Ann Coulter, the bestselling author of In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, questioned the need for presidential debate moderators.

Coulter and Marlow were discussing Wednesday’s Commander-in-Chief Forum that would give voters their first chance to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton head-to-head, although not in an interactive debate setting.

“This whole moderator and debate business really enrages me,” she said of the questions swirling around forum moderator Matt Lauer’s alleged membership in the Clinton Foundation.

“As I’ve said before, why do we have moderators at all?” Coulter asked. “This is crazy, how the incredibly biased, disrespected, and distrusted media has injected itself right into the heart of a presidential campaign, so we have two-to-one on these stages.”

“Lincoln and Douglas didn’t have moderators,” she pointed out. “We want the candidates to ask one another questions. It’s one thing to have a referee who’s making sure that each candidate is given equal time, but why on Earth should all these Hillary voters be choosing the questions?”

As she argued at length in her latest book, Colter said “there’s no way we’d be talking about these issues – sanctuary cities, anchor babies, building a wall, a deportation task force” if Trump had not shaped the political conversation, rather than allowing the media to do it.

“The very first interview Donald Trump did, right after announcing he was running for President, was an interview with Bill O’Reilly. The first question, of course, is on ISIS, because that’s what politicians and the media fixate on, when don’t want to talk about immigration, or anything that matters to an actual American,” Coulter said. “And then went through, I don’t know, Syria, Iran, the Qods Force – it was 100 percent foreign policy. Three weeks later, the intro to Bill O’Reilly’s show is, ‘Illegal immigration, big problem in this country!’”

“And that’s why Trump has risen to the top of the polls. He’s welcomed by 30,000 rally-goers in Alabama today,” she said. “This was all Trump’s doing, and now the media is worming its way back in for the debates, so we can have a talking snowman, instead of Trump ask questions of Hillary, and Hillary ask questions of Trump.”

When Marlow told Coulter that even the United Kingdom is now talking about building a Trump-style border wall in Calais, and asked for “snap commentary,” Coulter pronounced it “fantastic” news, and quoted the old saying “walls make good neighbors.”

She closed by suggesting Breitbart News post full video of Donald Trump’s “magnificent” press conference, after his visit to Mexico, where she said he was “lovely, he was firm, and he talked about the wall, and said we support the right of all sovereign nations to defend their borders.”

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