MILO: Clinton’s Supreme Court Would Consist of the ‘Regressive Left, Militant Feminist Man-Haters, and Black Lives Matter Racists’


During his speech at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, MILO claimed that a Hillary Clinton-picked Supreme Court would consist of the “Regressive Left, Militant feminist man-haters, and Black Lives Matter racists.”

“Donald Trump has released a list of the supreme court nominees he would put forward. And just like everything else Trump has built, it’s awesome” declared Milo during his speech. “They are solid judges and other defenders of the constitution. Hillary, ever the paragon of transparency and openness, has not put out such a list.”

Who would be on it? Obama? Not likely, they don’t really get along” Milo continued. “Bill Clinton? Well, poor Ruth is a little older than he generally prefers.”

“It’s hard to be specific about names, but we do know that her picks will come from the regressive left” he concluded. “Militant feminist man-haters and Black Lives Matter racists.”

“Hillary Clinton’s court would trample over the constitution and your rights.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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