MILO Crushes Q&A Question On Scandinavian Countries


MILO addressed a question about Scandinavian democracy during his recent Dangerous Faggot tour stop at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he challenged the claim that countries in the region had a better way of life than America.

“Don’t you think there’s a better way to establish democracy. Like do you really think America’s the best democracy we’ve ever had?” asked an audience member during the Q&A session after Milo’s speech.

“In the history of human civilization, yes” Milo replied.

“But something like Scandinavian countries, maybe. Don’t you think they have a better type of democracy?” the audience member added.

“People sometimes say this, and I think that Norway for instance doesn’t really have an economy… It doesn’t really make much sense to praise them in economic terms. But these countries are socialist” responded Milo. “These are countries where there are higher property taxes for houses that have sea views. These are countries that control every aspect of your life, and will excise you from public service and the public square if you don’t prescribe to a narrow set of allowable opinions.”

“In Sweden, the reason this country has gotten into so much trouble, the reason why Sweden has hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of immigrants that it cannot cope with, is the stultifying political correctness that takes hold in socialist countries” he continued. “And the fact that if you are a Swede, and you until very very recently, and even now if you work in the arts or anywhere, if you even broached the subject of immigration, you would be castigated as a racist, fired from your job, and cast out of society.”

“It’s difficult for me, hearing people praise these supposedly wonderful Scandinavian nations, to look out on them, and to look at the narrow range of acceptable opinions, when you compare it to somewhere like America, and praise them in any way whatsoever” Milo concluded. “So I have to tell you, no. I can’t think of a better example than America of a country that is still by and large pretty free. Scandinavia is in a real mess, and it’s in a real mess precisely because its voters haven’t voted for freedom, they’ve voted for stultifying control from their governments.”

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